Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lonely Valentines

Were you alone yesterday? Was it because you're stuck in a platonic friendship? Joelogon's guide to platonic friendships can help. Or give you a place to be bitter and brood. Maybe both.

I've had my share of platonic friendships. Far more of them than romantic ones, really. Most were my fault. Women reading this are probably thinking, "Fault? that makes platonic relationship sound bad." Guys reading this are thinking, "Of course it's bad! No guy wants a platonic relationship!"

Anyway usually I screwed up and put the relationship into the friend zone. Often it was because I lacked emotional sensitivity or any idea of what the girl wanted. Or maybe I played it safe and didn't pursue them enough, leaving the girl with the impression that I didn't care. Others were women who just weren't interested in me romantically to start with.

Amy and I got together shortly after I started grad school, although we met my senior year in college. Turns out a nice christian boy has that forbidden fruit appeal to those quiet Jewish girls. We've been together (meaning emotionally linked but often hundreds of miles apart) ever since. The wedding is in three months.

Yes, this should have gone up yesterday. But better late than never.

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