Monday, February 06, 2006

Movies for Old People

Amy and I rented Must Love Dogs this weekend. She thought it would be your typical romantic comedy and I thought that would put her in a good mood. We were both wrong. Must Love Dogs is a romantic comedy, but for people approaching middle age. Both the protagonists are divorced with baggage. The acting is solid and it isn't a bad movie (although a bit dark), but Amy and I were definitely in the wrong demographic for it.

We also rented Transporter 2. Guess which of the two movies I picked out. The plotline was interesting, unfortunately it was in a movie about unbelievable stunts and explosions. I liked the original better. It was lower budget, but had a grittier more realistic feel to the movie. People got hurt, cars blew up. Transporter 2 just felt like one surreal CGI effect after another. The stunts are unbelieveable and the cars and heroes emerged unscathed. I guess I like my heros slightly scathed.

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