Tuesday, February 21, 2006

An Emerging Endeavor

The Delaware conservative blogosphere was knit a little closer this weekend. Several of us; Hube of Colossus of Rhodey, Ryan of Jokers to the Right, Steve of Blogolution, Paul Smith Jr., the Mark Levin Fan, and myself; got together Saturday for dinner and discussion. It was good fun and we'll be doing it again, possibly on a regular basis.

Sometime during the night, we realized we had a potential opportunity staring us in the face. Delaware is a small state. We have a weak (at best) mainstream media in the News Journal. Even our state government has a small town feel. A loud but small group of people can make a difference. But wait! We're a loud but small group of people. Why don't we make a difference!

Our first step is the formation of the Delaware Conservative Bloggers Alliance (DCBA). The new blogroll and graphic will be appearing to the left once I get off my lazy butt and put it there. The second step is the creation of Delaware 2006, a new group blog focusing on issues and people involved in the 2006 Delaware elections.

Odd facts about the Alliance:
  • Unlike the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars, we are not modeled on the Viet Cong in any way, shape, or form.
  • Oddly enough a lot of us are current or former comic book fans. Some even know people in the industry.
  • Our blogging platforms are diverse. Blogspot is the most common because we're cheap and it's free.
  • We're religiously diverse. I'm Baptist, Paul is Catholic, Hube is also Christian, and Steve is Jewish. Good for us.
  • We're a political big tent too, although we're all to the right of Mike Castle.
  • If you want to see what big nerds we are Hube and Paul both have the picture posted. I'm the guy who's ball cap is covering up the fact that he badly needs a haircut.
Stay tuned for future developments.

UPDATE: I misreported Hube's religious background as atheist/agnostic. Sorry about that Hube, I was misinformed. While Hube isn't big on organized religion, he's also Christian. I don't anticipate any friction there since I'm Baptist and therefore practice one of the most disorganized religions in the world.

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