Saturday, February 11, 2006

Opening Ceremonies

Amy and I watched it until she fell asleep. Then I switched over to the WWIIHistory Channel.

The Good Points: The Ski Jumper, the Ferrari, and fire. Lots of fire.

The Bad Points: Yoko Frigging Ono. Imagine? I'm sorry but I'm sick to death of people treating that song as if the deep secrets of the universe can be unlocked within. Imagine is John Lennon's vision of a secular humanist utopia. Go read the lyrics again if you don't believe me. This isn't something I can stand behind. This is some immature commie hippy's version of the future, not mine.

I was watching a Kathy Griffin standup routine. She talked about hosting a charity benefit in LA where Sharon Stone recited the lyrics in a similar manner as tonight's opening ceremonies. Kathy responded by reciting the lyrics to "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog" by Elvis. Multiple members of the audience had paid her to do it via large contributions to the charity. There is hope for Hollywood yet.

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