Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Record of Prayer

To all the world this is a boring blue memo pad. You can get five of them for a few dollars at any supermarket or drug store. Yet inside is something precious. Every page is contains prayer requests, three years of them in all. This is the second of these little books I have filled. Now I need to get around to buying another. It is a good problem to have.

Now some of you are probably thinking that this is pretty cool. But those of you who actively prayer journal will realize that fitting three years worth of prayer onto 75 little sheets of paper is a pretty mediocre record. Three years of your prayer life would hopefully require a much bigger book.

Actually, I don't use this to record all my prayers. My little book is more of a set of prayer request reminders from the guys in my bible study. In theory I use them a lot to pray over the need of my friends and brothers. Unfortunately that probably isn't the case. My daily prayer life has tended to be pretty meager outside of corporate fellowship.

Recently, I've been convicted that I'm not spending enough time in personal bible study and prayer. I have met a lot of mature strong christians who have the same problems. It seems a lot of us have real trouble having times alone with God. We struggle with scheduling them and having them regularly. We struggle with what to do during them. We especially have trouble listening instead of just talking.

What about you? How is your prayer life? How about your quiet times? What are you doing to keep them fresh? Feel free to comment in the comments, that is what they're for.

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