Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Shotgun Gate

The Press is apoplectic. The hilarious thing is that they are incensed, not because the VP shot someone and was irresponsible handling firearms, but because he didn't tell them about it until the next day.

Lets face it, this is Dick Cheney's business and Harry Whittington's business, not the American people's business. Do you really expect Cheney to come out on national TV and talk about how he serious injured a good friend? I wouldn't. I'd tell the press to suck it, because it is none of their business. Bill O'Reilly realizes this:
The veep's failure to come clean, says Mr. O, is because of his "well-known press phobia. . . . The vice president's hunting accident affects no one, means nothing, and the vice president's refusal to brief the press was predictable." O'Reilly did allow that "Dick Cheney's secret style hurts him."
Seems about right to me.

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