Monday, February 27, 2006

Christian Compassion

One of the Thinklings is discussing the softening of evangelical attitudes toward homosexuality. While individuals like Brian McLaren are taking a lot of credit and (in some circles) blame for this, we are really coming to the end of a pretty long road.

I remember my first experience with realigning relationships started when I was a teenager in a PCA church in Wilmington. A prominent member of the congregation was gay and had been struggling with leaving that lifestyle with the help and support from our excellent Assistant Pastor. We had an evening service on the subject one summer in the early nineties.

I remember them expressing that what most gay people need isn't a lecture on sexual morality. What they need more than anything else is Christ. To do it the other way around is to put the cart before the horse. The wisdom of that statement seemed incredibly well founded to me then. A recent study of 1 Corinthians has shown it to be biblically founded even now.

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