Thursday, May 18, 2006

The DaVinci Commode

Lawdog has an interesting take on the movie reaction. He's looking at protests across the pacific rim and has this to say:
So. Here we have a something-over-two-hour movie which deliberately runs counter to the accepted view of the Chief Religious Figure of a Major Religion -- and yet there are no bombs going off.

No riots. No burning cars.

Let's face it -- the Christians are letting us down here.

Heck, run some editorial cartoons involving Mahomet and the Muslims turn a couple of major European cities into something strongly resembling a frat house full of chimpanzees on methamphetamine.
I'm not going to go through a point by point refutation of the Da Vinci Code's poor understanding of both theology and church history. It's been overdone already and since you're already on the net, the answers are just a google away. My parents were watching a James Kennedy special, when I was home once. It was surprisingly good really. Instead of delving into church history, he refuted many of Dan Brown's claims (and showed clips of him claiming them) with direct bible citations. Instead simply giving the viewer a boring history lesson, his lesson was "this is what we believe, why we believe it, and why Dan Brown is wrong." It worked really well, so now I can't say all TV preachers are crap.

But I'm not surprised that the movie is getting bad reviews. Someone over that the Thinklings said that the book was good in a Santa Claus Meets the Martians kind of way. Not exactly high praise for it's literary content.

BTW, this post's title was stolen shamelessly from Faithmouse.

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