Thursday, May 25, 2006

Theological Epiphanies

Wandering around wikipedia can be interesting because you learn to put names to things you already believe but developed on your own. In some ways it can be very depressing because you learn that "original" ideas you formed all by your lonesome aren't quite as original as you thought. Turns out someone else thought it first. How annoying. Especially since Solomon even beat me to the "somebody has already thought of it" line of reasoning with Ecclessiastes.

Anyway, such was the case tonight. Turns out I have used Clarkian presuppositionalism on several different occassions. Although I can't be sure that I agree with all his tenets, I did independently derived his axiomatic outlook. I came to these conclusions largely by merging mathematical proofs and theology together to provide some basis for philosophical proofs.

One of these days I'll have to read more philosophy and theology and save myself some effort. Unfortunately it tends to bore the hell out of me. Also unfortunately it is not in any literal sense when the little devil on your shoulder packs up a leaves.

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