Sunday, September 12, 2004


Well I spent the 3rd anniversary of September 11th doing exactly what I should have done. I slept in, watched some Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center on the History Channel, and then went to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse at my local Googleplex. At night I watched some cartoons and talked with the woman I love for a couple hours.

In short I got on with my life. I remember what happened 3 years ago today and I will not forget. But that governs how I act every day. Today was nothing special.

Residental Evil was ok. I saw a matinee which was worth it, but don't go into it thinking you'll be seeing high art. Its a monster movie with zombies and genetic freaks. Oh and lots of overblown corporate paranoia.

Coming out of the theatre I saw a car flying a flag and sporting a Bush/Cheney sticker. It occurred to me that I haven't seen many similar cars flying flags or yellow ribbons with Kerry/Edwards stickers on them. Maybe there is a correlation there. If you have seen some patriotic K/E folks, let me know.

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