Thursday, September 30, 2004

Debate So Far

I'm calling it for Kerry so far. Bush looks exasperated. His body language sucks. Not good. He needed to be confident and presidential. He needed to have authority and carry himself well. Instead he's been on the defensive. People seem to be thinking this debate is about the issues. It isn't. Its about the men. So far Kerry is looking presidential and Bush is looking flustered. Contrast this to the last debate when Bush was playing Gore like a master by now.

UPDATE: Yes Kerry won. For those of your who read the prayer, no this does not mean I will be voting for him. While Kerry did a better job of talking, he did not do a better job of saying anything I could agree with.

Overall I don't think the Kerry presidency will necessarily be a disaster as long as the Republicans maintain control of Congress to control his penchant for spending. By the time Kerry could get in the Oval Office, Iraq will be having elections and the indigenous Iraqi National Guard troops will outnumber ours in the country. Thats a good looking situation. Kerry may inherit Iraq just in time to take credit for winning the war.

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