Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Universal Gun Ownership

Kim du Toit is making a great point about gun ownership: it's not cut out for everybody.

I'm a gun owner. My Girl is not. I don't care if she ever gets into guns like I am. So far the most fun that I have ever had was skeet shooting. Target shooting is also satisfying. I love it, but I don't expect her to. I do have one stipulation though. She has to learn basic gun safety and how to make sure my guns are safe. Our house will have guns in it. I keep them locked up, but for her own safety she needs to know how to safely operate them just in case. Locks can be picked. Safe combinations can be guessed.

If you don't want to own guns fine. A lot of people don't want to own guns because they don't feel they are up to the responsibility. Hey you know yourself better than I know you. I'll take your word for it. But do us all a favor and refrain from making these two mistakes. Don't assume I'm not up to that responsibility because you aren't. Don't assume that means a gun will never come into your life.

The first is self explanatory since I'm not you. The second is why My Girl needs to know how to operate a firearm. Even if your family doesn't own guns, that doesn't mean you won't come across one in a parking lot somewhere. Or worse maybe your kids will. You should know the rules of safety just in case. It is in your benefit that you do.


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