Monday, September 13, 2004

Yglesias bashed AWB

Matthew Yglesias supports the death of the AWB. He actually has a fairly good line of reasoning on why it was a very poor law in the first place.

He reasons that Gun Control is only important as it relates to Crime Control. Since assault weapons are rarely used in crime, this link is especially weak. Additionally, the policy is so poorly written and handled that it seriously undermines trust between even non-activist gun owners and gun control advocates. Essentially the law gave strong credence to the slippery slope, comprehensive ban argument. Also attempts to improve it would only strengthen this argument because of the bans arbitrary design. I think he's right about both of these incidentally.

He then goes off on partisan rants about how Bush is evil and a liar. Where are the WMDs? Where are the WMDs? Oh well. At least he has done something worth reading. That puts him ahead of Atrios.

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