Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Idiots and Onramps

So my coworker Izzy and I are coming back from picking up our lunch materials at the local WaWa. There is a fun onramp/offramp during part of the trip. It has some tight curves to it and opens out onto a nice merging lane so you should be able to take them sportily. I say should because it has the problem of being a major idiot transportation route.

In short, the only time this ramp is safe is in a car. Unfortunately it tends to get a fair bit of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The combination of a steep grade, narrow shoulders, guard rails on both sides, and a blind corner at the top make for a potential death trap if you're a cyclist or a walker. We have both had a scary situations at that blind turn. Anyone with any sense stays away from it unless they're driving, but there are always idiots that walk or bike it.

Izzy said that he wished he didn't know about the idiots. That way he could have fun on the ramp and take the turns spiritedly as is his wont. I said that his ignorance would have tragic conclusions. Perhaps it would be better if there were simply fewer idiots in the world.

No, he said, then they would be less evenly spaced. You would have patchy idiot coverage instead of a background level of stupid that is easy to ignore. Plus the remaining idiots would tend to congregate together so you have regions of very high relative stupidity.

Hmmm. Yeah that would be horrible, said I. I'd walk up to the pump in dumbassington and find out I can't pump my own gas! Doh! Darn New Jersey Designated Stupid Zone!

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