Friday, September 10, 2004

Awww Cute Baby

Gabe at Penny Arcade is a daddy. Pictures are contained within. I have to get around to putting a comic roll up on the ole blog here. Tycho, Gabe's partner in crime, had this to say:
When he told me this pregnancy thing was for real, triumphantly declaring that he "makes boys," I told him precisely what I thought - that any idiot is capable of this feat, and that - in actual point of fact - idiots engage in this kind of thing more than anyone else, which is why it can be so hard to get a decent cappuccino. I was being mean to him, it's kind of what I do, but he really was describing the most common, most ordinary event on our planet. There are two ways to interpret this.

The first way is to dismiss it, as I did initially.

The second way, the way that now seems apparent, is to recognize that the significance of an event isn't necessarily diluted by its frequency. Consider that we might live absolutely encompassed by marvels and wonders. I am suggesting that we are up to our asses in signs and portents that we are quick to omit or can't interpret.
Amen. Perhaps we should think like this more often. Its not that miracles don't happen anymore. Its that we fail to recognize them.

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