Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Other Jeff the Baptist

Did you know there is another Jeff the Baptist? I didn't until today. Evidentally he's a seminary student living in Seattle. He seems to be one of those whiny people who consistently miss the obvious in hopes of finding something profound on the other side of it. For instance here's something he wrote:

"Why not just admit that God may be larger than our ability to comprehend? Why not just admit that we don't have all the answers yet (if ever)?"

I agree with all of that. In fact I know I will never fully comprehend God. He is a being who transcends all of creation and is certainly above the most basic precepts of my understanding. Do you know how I know this? Because God told me. Its in Isaiah. Its in Psalms. Its in the Scriptures God wrote for us so we could understand even a little of Him (or Her if you prefer) and what God wants us to do with ourselves.

Sorry other Jeff the Baptist, I can understand how all that love you have for your fellow man must be wonderful. But what happens when you see your friends doing something foolish? Something that will cost them their lives? Their souls? Do you do nothing and say "hey who's to really say?" In your analysis you do. After all we wouldn't want to dim their divine spark would we?

The right answer is that you do something. When the God who created the universe comes to your door and tells you what you need to do, you do it. I worship a God who commands me to opposed evil in His name and, while there are definitely gray areas, there are also some jet black and bright white ones. I love you enough to tell you when you are making a mistake when I know you will hate me for it.

See that divine spark you keep talking about is Divine. Its a gift from God. And he left us instructions for how to tend it so that it will grow ever stronger. Perhaps you should spend a little more time contemplating those instructions.

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