Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Driving to Work

Today was one of those statistical confluences of idiots behind the wheel. In the space of a hundred yards there were almost two accidents. One of them almost involved me. The first saw a BMW and a ricer pass an normal driver. Joe Blow had the audacity to slow down at a yellow light instead of gunning it. They passed him using the left hand turn lane and then cut him off trying to beat the yellow and get back in the proper lane for the intersection. A few seconds later a soccer mom talking on her cell phone with her 7 year old son in the passenger seat nearly took my back bumper off at a merge. The kid wasn't distracting her though, he was too damn scared of his mom's driving to make a peep (insert look of wide-eyed horror here).

I wonder if we might not be better off if the automatic transmission was never invented. Seriously then people wouldn't be able to do a bazillion things while driving because they'd have to shift. They'd have to focus on what they're doing. And for your slush-box owners who might take offense, my car is an automatic too. But that doesn't make it right. ;)

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