Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ambra on Little "C" Ideology

Ambra Nykol is preaching against wishy-washy christians.

Christian technically means "little Christ." Acts says it was first using in Syrian Antioch and before then christians were simply referred to as "The Way."

I agree that the "all things to all people" wing of the American church is tragically flawed. Christ is about two things truth and love. The conservatives tend to emphasize truth. We are like the church of Ephesus in Revelations. The liberals tend to emphasize love. In my mind they emphasize love too much and sacrifice truth and so they have become like Sardis.

Christ accepted many people, but there was always the implicit notion of "Go and sin no longer." The liberals have kept the acceptance, but forgotten the truth. Similarly if the truth brings us into conflict then so be it. Christ himself says he comes to bring the sword and turn families against themselves.

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