Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Blogger Annoyances Part Infinity

It sucks and I'm getting sick of it. I don't like going through hoops just to log in. I don't like finishing an entry and then watching as blogger refuses to post for hours. Even worse, I don't like blogger swallowing my entry whole never to be found again. Or failing to post only to post it a million times a few hours later. You know what they say about free services: you get what you pay for.

Joan is moving off Blogger to new digs. I understand how she feels and I hope she has better luck with Movable Type on her new domain. Frankly if I move off blogger I want it to be to something really nice, like a Scoop powered discussion blog. I want threaded comments and the current packages of blogging software don't seem to have them.

UPDATE: To clarify a bit, I want the following features in blogging software:
  • Topical Departments: I want to be able to group my posts into sections like "guns", "wedding", "god", etc.
  • Trackback: Self explanatory, I want people to be able to trackback my posts if they are good or, more importantly, if they are bad.
  • Threaded Comments: Once you get above 10 comments, linear commenting breaks down and you can't tell who is replying to what. Threading groups comments and replies.
  • Comment moderation: It allows the more recent comments to move to the top above older but less relevant ones. This is also important if signal to noise ratio gets high and as the number of comments increases.
Scoop is actually a discussion site codebase. It was originally created for Kuro5hin and is written in Perl. It is also used by some blogs like DailyKos.

In the end though, if I do switch, I only want to have to do it once. I don't want to go to Wordpress, then Movable Type, then Greymatter, etc, etc. I just want to migrate once and stick to it.

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