Friday, April 22, 2005


I don't like it. One summer I was going research at college, I roomed with a guy who was listened to Ska incessantly. It completely ruined the genre for me because, frankly, I came to the realization that all ska sounds the same. If I want happy music with sad lyrics, I'll stick with swing. At least there is variety there because I can listen to songs about liquor, gambling, women, gangs, and cars.

Why am I bringing this up? Izzy had me listening to the Supertones in the car going to lunch today. They are a Christian Ska band, so their music is happy and their lyrics are happy. Happy and biblical. This completely misses the point to me. I don't like ska, but even I realize that it is the contrast of the music that makes it work. The happy bouncy music is the jauntily-placed citrus wedge of refreshment that allows you to stand the over-priced mexican swill-beer of life.

Anyway, I think I'll stick to Brian Setzer.

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