Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lawn Mowers

Instapundit just bought a rotating push motor. No not a power motor, one of those rotating drum mowers like on the Simpsons. My parents have one but it is old. Old old old. I had to use it once when the gas mower broke down and it was rough. Perhaps they work better new. They certainly cut cleaner than your standard power push mower since they actually cut the lawn instead of battering it to death.

My parents just bought a new power mower. The housing for their old one had rusted out and, much to my chagrin, they threw it out on bulk trash day and bought a new one. Darn. I wanted to try to build a hovercraft out of the two stroke engine.

My grandparents had been urging them to go self-propelled. Why I'll never know, after my grandfather's heart surgery I had to mow his lawn for him once. I hate his self propelled mower. You can't turn it with the wheels going, it turfs the lawn when you first start them, and when the wheels are off it's twice as hard to push.

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