Thursday, April 28, 2005

Runs in the Family

I sprained both my ankles playing Ultimate a week ago. I got a call from my mother this morning. My brother broke his leg playing soccer yesterday. It's a nasty break in the tibia inside his knee. Nasty enough that surgery will be required to set it and that happens sometime today. I and my family will be grateful for prayer.

My brother is a fairly large guy and I hope that doesn't hamper his recovery. He has already had some back problems and that won't make things easier. Maybe I can go up there tomorrow on my day off and take care of him a bit.

This also means no shooting for us this weekend. I may still be able to play driver for him if he wants to get out though. A group of his buddies will be watching the new eps of Dr Who on saturday so the weekend may not be totally lost.


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