Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Sky is Falling!

I'm not a big fan of intelligent design. I'm not a big fan of evolution either. Frankly they don't really impact my work and I don't find either of them especially theoretically satisfying. Both have major falsifier problems.

But just once I would like see someone actually read a book on ID before bashing it foolishly.
Americans and their leaders will have to get over their love affair with intelligent design . Polls show that most don't believe in evolution. But it is actually impossible to talk logically about bird flu, or any other rapidly evolving and constantly changing virus, without using the language of evolution -- specific words such as "mutant," "recombination," "genome" and "selection."
You do realize that ID does actually believe in parts of evolutionary theory, don't you? ID generally holds that natural selection and mutation are generally not sufficient for the generation of new species. ID does not say that these things do not exist in the universe. ID has never said this and will never say this. Adherents to ID are not so obstinate that they reject easily observable facts. Read a damn book.

If I were to criticize evolution because Darwin got inheritance completely wrong (and he did) or because his predictions about the fossil record were completely off, you would think me equally looney. Those things aren't major parts of current evolutionary theory. Darwin's inheritance scheme was replaced with modern genetics. The importance of the fossil record was downplayed via new theory like punctuated equilibrium. See, I've read a book.

Get with the program. If you are going to savage a line of thinking, at least have the decency to learn about it first so you savage it properly. Otherwise you simply jump to baseless slurs with no foundation in actual science. And you spread ignorance. And that pisses me off.

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