Monday, October 17, 2005

Ugly Europistols

Sad to say, but "the Gun Guy" shows the ugly didn't start with Glocks. Maybe it's genetic or something.

For comparison, tGG has a Remington 1875 single action revolver. It's a beaut. I have a real itch for a single action revolver right now. A problem is that I really don't like Colts or clones which is 90% of the single action market. I'm thinking about either buying a replica 1875/90 Remington or taking a replica percussion Remington revolver and modifying it up as a garage project.

The real problem with all these guns is that the standard caliber is .45 long colt and it's helluva expensive. We're talking about 50 cents/round and even 31 cents/round for reloads. By comparison, commercial reloads in .45acp are available for 17 cents/shot and 9mm is about 13. I suppose I could look into getting them in .38sp but then the extra weight throws the balance out of whack.

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