Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Christian Right

I lead this post on Evangelical Outpost down a rabbit trail. I know I know I shouldn't feed the trolls. Anyway sometimes those trails are worth traveling so I'm going to bring it up here instead of sidetracking someone elses post about the voting habits of American novelists (They're democrats! What a shocker!).

Basically my thoughts revolve around this comment:
I visit this blog from time to time as an interested European wishing to learn about Evangelical Christianity in the US. I’ve learnt a lot. The author appears to regard the promotion of the Republican Party and its presidential candidate, as a matter deeply connected to his faith. God apparently wants you to vote GOP.

That I’ve read little or nothing concerning the Gospels, or the teachings of Jesus Christ, speaks for itself.
I think he's right. The Christian Right is doing a piss poor job of communicating Christ right now. We are making the mistake of the Ephesian Church and forgetting our first love while standing up for our principles.

Yes its true the world will hate us. We are commanded to be in it but not of it. Christ himself says we will be treated badly for that. Some of this lack of Christ is because he stripped out by the mainstream media as religious windowdressing. However our own media outlets have no such excuse. Robertson, Falwell, why do we put up with these people? Sometimes I think they are like the comforters of Job.

Are we really standing for our core principles? I have heard the religious right talk about gays and abortion until they are blue in the face. Where is the love of christ? The hope of the Savior? Shouldn't that be the most important thing?

The reason we are in the spot we are in socially, is because we have given up the fight for the soul of our culture. So instead we fight on the fringes of relative morality just like everybody else. The more I see the current Gen-Y kids, the more I see a hopeless and cynical generation. They have a huge void in their lives and are trying to fill it with whatever they can find liek sex and drugs. We have what they need, but we fight on about sex and stem cells instead of bringing them Christ. Bring the children the hope their parents have forgotten and we will change the world.

I just think that we as evangelicals and evangelical bloggers need to do better. I think as a group we are fighting the symptoms instead of publicizing the cure. What we really need is good modern apologetics, but I don't hear much about that. We're too busy opposing the culture to effectively engage it for Christ.

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