Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Good Work at Belmont Club

This piece by Ace of Spades basically sums up my thoughts on the war and war in general. I only wish I had written it.

Want the Readers Digest version? Here:
If you were only a supporter of this war given the assumption that it would be very brief and almost casualty-free, what the hell were you doing supporting the war in the first place? That is an extraodinarily irresponsible and naive position to take.
And here:
I do not like talk of "exit strategies." If the country is willing to accept something short of actual military and political victory in a war in favor of a face-saving "exit strategy" in which we pretend we've won, then that is simply not a war we should be fighting. Either a war is so important that it must be won, or else a war is simply not necessary.
Those are teasers, now go read it.

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