Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Taco Bell and Accents

Izzy and I went to Taco Bell today. They revamped their combo menu a while back so, in our opinion, it makes less sense. (They don't have a two taco combo and number 2 for instance.) Turns out they still have the old combo options available though. That made me happy because, as a creature of habit, I really wanted my two supreme gorditas and a soft taco. It used to be the number 8. Now its the number nothing, but I can still order it just the same. We also found it interesting that the taco at Taco Bell is the equivalent to french fries at Burger King or McDonalds. A taco is a meal for some folks, fries aren't a meal for anybody.

The woman taking my order sounded like she was an immigrant from some part of Germany. "Vhat kint of taco vood you like to go mit your gordita..." Somehow "Mexican" food is not supposed to go with Natasha Badanov's accent. But she did a good job so who am I to really complain. I was amazed that no mexican immigrants worked at the mexican restaurant. Although frankly if I was Mexican I would probably see Taco Bell as an affront to my entire people and culture.

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