Friday, October 08, 2004


I've been running around most of the day. I went to the DMV and I took care of my voter registration. I moved at the beginning of the month. It went well and now I have a new license with the correct address on it.

This especially good because I hope to be buying some guns soon (before the election). I need the DL for with the proper address for that. If Bush wins things could get violent in some liberal dominated areas. I'm a stones throw away from the ultra-liberal conclave also known as a college campus. I'd like to have a long arm to go with my hipower just in case. Luckily for most the ultra-libs don't usually own guns. Unfortunately for them if they try anything near me and mine, I do.

I got my car washed too so the protective layer of filth has been removed. Hopefully I won't get rear-ended again now.

My girlfriend showed me an Anna Nicole game on E! Online. Its disgustingly addictive. So far I've managed to get up to level 9. The level when the first introduce the pickle is a bear too.

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