Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Ambra Nykol is talking about the pagan roots of Halloween. She doesn't like the unholy holiday very much.

I'm used to seeing this sort of stuff in the Christian community. Evangelicals and Fundamentalists in particular like to get all worked up and preach brimstone about Halloween. My church has a "fall festival" as a Halloween alternative. Good for them.

For a long time I used to preach back at them for over-reacting. When I was a kid I went trick or treating and the worst I got was a serious sugar high followed by an acute stomach ache. I didn't get demon possessed or anything and it hasn't really effected my walk. My typical response to this is sort of thing is "yeah it was a pagan holiday but it isn't anymore." Now its just the official costume party holiday.

What changed my mind? One Christmas during college I was working my usual winter break job, I was a department store cashier at Boscov's in Granite Run Mall. I heard someone say the same thing about Christmas: "Yeah it was a Christian holiday, but it really isn't anymore." That did it for me. I remember saying those words, but I sure as hell didn't say them about marking the Birth of the Savior. I'm sure there are a lot of folks who feel the same way about Halloween.

So I while my kids are probably going to put on an old sheet and have fun on Halloween, I keep my mouth shut about the critics. Criticize all you want folks cause it comes only once a year. Get it out of your bloodstreams.

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