Sunday, October 17, 2004

Weekend Visit

Amybear has been visiting this weekend that's why I'm not posting much. We spent yesterday doing yardwork at my parents place. She successfully did some bonding with my Mom. The men in the family were filling in a bunch of holes where we took out tree roots and whole trees. We put down grass seed, but I'm a little worried that its too late in the season for it to come up properly.

My parents had Blueberry Muffin Frozen Yogurt from Turkey hill for dessert after dinner. I'm not a big blueberry fan, it gives me stomach issues. Amybear loved it though. "It really tastes like blueberry muffins!" All the way home she was having blueberry muffin burps and smiling because she got to revisit the flavor. So if you can get Turkey Hill, Amybear gives their Blueberry Muffin fro-yo five stars.

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