Wednesday, October 13, 2004

More Biased Voters Guides and Affirmative Action

The Christian Coalition voters guides might be biased towards Bush. Evidentally Kerry didn't bother to reply to their inquiries about his policy positions so they filled in the blank with his voting record. One that is especially upsetting people is: "affirmative action programs that provide preferential treatment."

Sorry folks but thats a pretty accurate description of affirmative action. My federal Equal Employment Opportunity guide defines affirmative action as:
Some protected classes such as minorities, women, and persons with disabilities have suffered severe employment discrimination. Affirmative employment requirements were established to correct the effect of past discrimination and to achieve a goal of a workforce that represents our nation's diverse population.

Thus affirmative emploment is not for everyone. It is for members of those groups who have suffered from past discrimination...
This is in contrast to EEO policy which has no protected classes and is purely anti-discriminatory. So yes affirmative action provides preferential treatment, but in an attempt to correct past wrongs.

I seem to recall similar concerns about this sort of thing when Clinton was running. Some things change some stay the same.

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