Monday, October 11, 2004

Federal Holiday

Hope everybody enjoyed Columbus Day. Being a federal employee I had the day off (gloat gloat). I celebrated the discovery of the New World by sleeping in and then cleaning a lot. I got a few chores done too.

In my last apartment I tended to go a while between cleanings. That isn't necessarily bad, but things tends to build up and then its a pain. Cleaning out my apartment last month broke me of that habit. Now I'm probably going to go for more of a regular weekly or bi-monthly cleaning schedule that will keep everything tidy and probably save time too.

I realized that the shower at night methodology just doesn't work for me. I went shooting yesterday with my brother at our local indoor range. That means I basically got myself covered in a light dusting of lead and lead salts. I made sure to take a shower and wash that stuff off before ended up inhaling it all night long. I woke up this morning and had to shower again just to get myself feeling clean enough to leave the house. Showering is just part of my morning routine I guess.

Chores were good. I dropped my FN Hipower off at a local gunsmith for some trigger work. I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with it. If he does do good work I will be giving him some free publicity here.

Coming back from there I stopped in at my old supermarket. Its a Mega Superfresh that is within walking distance of my old place. I miss it. My new neighborhood supermarket (also in walking distance) is a crappy Acme with a really horrible produce section. How am I supposed to eat healthy if I can't get good fruits and veggies?

I did my second act of mindless routine coming back from Superfresh. My old apartment complex is on the way home and I stopped to make a turn into it. I didn't actually make the turn, I just stopped at the turn like I would if I was about to turn. It annoyed the woman behind me to no end. I didn't even realize what I had done until a second later. I guess its some sort of weird pavlovian response to coming home from that Superfresh. Part of my mind must have still thought that I had to make that turn.

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