Saturday, October 09, 2004

The Debate and Why I Missed It

I hear Bush won last night. Good for him. I had other stuff to do. I wonder how many people were watching a debate on a friday night. Lets hope enough to stop his slide in the polls.

Amybear and I were starting to talk details about marriage instead. We aren't engaged yet, but now is the time to talk about this stuff before we commit to getting married. Amybear is smart and realizes this. We love each other but the interfaith marriage stuff is going to be challenging, especially once we have kids.

Despite what Jews may think, Baptists are pretty cool with going to Jewish stuff. We see Judaism almost as a parent religion so learning more about it is pretty cool for us. It allows us to put ourselves in better context. The Jews don't have as enlightened a position about Christianity. While they spent the first hundred years of Christianity persecuting us, the tide turned and they've basically been called "Jesus killers" and persecuted ever since. I can understand why they wouldn't like it very much. The fact that they're a less popular religion (in the purely numerical sense) and they tend to attrit a fair number of people to christianity every year doesn't help either. Anyway while Christians are pretty cool with learning about Judaism, Jews can be kind of uptight about it going the other way around which should make raising the kids interesting.

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