Wednesday, October 27, 2004

GTA: San Andreas

I wrote a bunch of stuff about GTASA coming out. Then blogger/netscape lost it twice. My feelings about the game are mixed but I haven't completed much of it at all so I'm with-holding judgement.

A few complaints: The maps are getting big enough that they have to be designed to be navigated easily. They aren't so trying to figure out where you are and where you are going is a pain. Vice City tended to have major North-South roads on the big islands you could index off of. San Andreas does not, it uses the sprawling structure of GTA3 only much larger. In some ways its the worst of both worlds. I'm sure I'll pick it up though.

Los Santos has the yellow air of LA, nice touch but its really annoying visually. I'm looking forward to getting to the other cities just to get a different color scheme.

The skill based system in the game is a mixed blessing. I haven't played the older games in a while so I'm relearning how to drive/shoot/whatever. The skill system means I have a moving target with that because Carl's capabilities are continuously changing. I dislike that immensely. On the other hand the fat/muscle/respect/sex appeal numbers are interesting. I just wish that the had unlocked the gym at the start of the game. I went looking for it before I was supposed to and it caused me all kinds of grief.

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