Monday, March 07, 2005

Evil and Evangelicals

The Washington Post recently ran an article about evangelicals. The gist of it? We're evil evil people us evangelicals. We may act nice, but we really aren't. We're just seething cauldrons of hatred waiting to boil over onto your school board. And some of us are being elected to Congress instead of nice normal people like Tom Daschle. Doug LeBlanc at GetReligion has more commentary on the article.

I've most often heard about evangelicals are "they're always so happy" and "they're really nice." Our subtle plans were working my brethren! This reporter must be stopped so that we can take over the world! Then we'll force everyone to listen to god-awful... err... God-wonderful Christian Rock. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Oh darn did I type that last paragraph, I meant to just say it out loud and act politely outraged at the article.

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