Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Instapundit is razorblogging. He likes electrics. Me, not so much.

I started out using cheap disposables and then moved to a Remington electric. Ehhh. The shave wasn't any better. My dad had a Norelco he never used. Then I switched to the Gilette Mach 3. Good stuff. It shaves close and really follows the contours of my face well. I may pick up a power M3 and see if it's any different.

I also have a goatee, so that cuts down on the shaving but adds an additional trimming element to my morning routine about once a week. So instead of a sink full of little razor detritus I get a sink full of big hair. I use a Wahl beard trimmer for this and it works well. I had a roommate that trimmed with scissors. Not for me.

The most recent shaving discussion I have heard is down or up. Specifically do you shave down your neck or up it? Shaving up doesn't irritate my neck as much, but it also leaves me with a poor stubbly shave. So I suck it up and shave down or up then down which seems to work better than either alone.


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