Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fiona Apple

I like her music a lot. I listen to a lot of pop. When I say pop I mean the good stuff. The stuff people will still be listening to in thirty years. Not Britney Spheres. I like a good three or four piece band. Simple. Elegant. I like the variety that can occur in a pop album compared to some other genres. You can see country, rock, r&b, and other stuff all on the pop charts. It is a melting pot and I like that.

It is nice to hear a "pop" musician with her level of creativity. Her first album had these great keyboard arrangements that were original, amazing, and complimented her voice perfectly. It was a sort of vibrant melancholy that really struck me. It was also really nice to hear something that wasn't guitar pop or diva pop. It still is. I bought a Vanessa Carlton album a while back because it was piano pop, but it was just a weak imitation in comparison.

Unfortunately her music hasn't been "pop" enough which is why her third album has sat on a shelf at Sony for 2 years. It has recently been leaked to the internet via peer-to-peer. A song list is here. This website has all eleven tracks in CD quality audio.

Now normally I don't pirate music. It is generally stealing. But I can't buy this album from anyone. And if anything, this P2P activity is actually raising the net worth of Sony's rights. I just wish I could pay Fiona Apple money for it. If the dumbass execs at Sony ever release it, I'll happily pick a copy up.

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