Monday, May 30, 2005

Blogging Infrastructure

I've started to realize that becoming a huge blogging phenomenon requires a lot of investment. For instance I went out of town for work, hence the lack of posts. Most of this time was spent in hotels and airports away from tradition land-lined internet connections. There was no way for me to whine about the enforced intimacy of air-travel.

This usually doesn't stop the big guys though. They go wireless, text message it, dictate it in via cell phone, or perhaps they are so attuned to the blogosphere that they can just think really hard. I do none of those things. I do have a laptop. I bought it in grad school and needed a superior computer for research. Enough components have broken since that its viability as a long distance blogging tool is severely hindered. No wireless, no working battery, dying DVD drive, and AOL disemboweled the OS when I uninstalled it a year or so ago.

So I considered investing in something that would let me bloc from any random wireless hotspot I might encounter. In the end I decided against it. The first reason is that I have no good reason to buy a new laptop. I can't use it for work and desktops work just as well at home. The second is that Amy owns a laptop which I will inherit in a year. The last and most important is that connectivity works both ways.

I like being unreachable. I enjoy my privacy. I didn't get a cell phone until I needed one to make my wedding proposal work in February. I don't want to be one of those people having a one-sided conversation with an entire restaurant. It stays turned off in my car because that way people can't use it to impinge on my life without my permission.


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