Monday, May 16, 2005

Graphic Novels

When my brother went off to college he started reading comic books. He brought some home with him (and bought me a couple subscriptions to Iron Man for my birthday). So I got into them a bit too, especially over the summer while I was bored out of my mind and his massive comic collection was in the next room.

I say just a bit though because, frankly, comics are expensive. At one point in my brother's comic habit, it would have been cheaper for him to just take up smoking. So I like comics, but not enough to pay for them on my own. I will still occasionally pick up a graphic novel or trade paperback. Amy sees the point, but still thinks they are a bit over priced compared to, say, a good book. She's probably right.

Anyway for those of you on the outside of the comic scene wondering what it is all about, Evangelical Outpost has a good overview.

A coworker and I have talked about several of the topics covered. We are both of the impression that many of the Ultimates line of comics are soul-less bastardizations of better books. Specifically Ultimate X-men seems weak in comparison with the original titles. However restarting the Avengers has a certain appeal especially since many of their origin stories and backgrounds have not aged nearly so well as the X-Men. I may have to pick up one of those books in trade paperback.

I have also been picking up several of the CrossGen trade paperbacks lately. CrossGen made comics following the model of the big, fat fantasy novels from the likes of Robert Jordan or David Eddings, long sagas with lots of continuity. Unfortunately the company is bankrupt so while I may see the end of Meridian, I will have no such luck with Sojourn.

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