Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Spending Money

This weekend was fun. I was actually at home for the first time in a while so I was able to clean and do laundry and get caught up on stuff. Oh and I bought another gun which Amy was really happy about.

It's a Browning Buck Mark Standard I found used at Millers for $200. Those of you who pay attention to my gun habit have heard me mention that model before as a possible purchase. That is why when I saw it used I jumped on it. I'm guessing the last person to own this particular gun may have had some trouble with it. My reason for thinking this is that the workings of the gun are absolutely filthy. Being rimfire, 22lr is generally a dirty round, but this was a lot of filth. I cleaned it a little hurriedly because Amy arrived in the middle of the job, so I missed some spots. Oh well I'll do a more thorough job tonight.

The Buck Mark requires tools to take down (a screwdriver and an allen wrench), but disassembly and reassembly are fairly simple and straightforward. You rarely see an "I can't get my buckmark back together" post on messageboards unlike the Ruger 22 pistols. I had to buy boresnake to clean the bore of the gun as well.

In other spending news, Amy and I also watched In Good Company with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace. It was good, but not in the way we thought. We both had it pegged as a romantic comedy about a young boss who is dating his co-worker's daughter. It turned out to be a more substantial movie than that but I still recommend it. I'm sure it will never be recognized as an officially good movie by critics or awards organizations. It isn't either pretentious enough or ostentatious enough for those groups, but it is well worth the rental.

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