Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Car Accident Number Three

It is like Mambo number 5, but much less fun and you really can't dance to it.

I was front-ended trying to leave People's Plaza after Revenge of the Sith. I was driving, Amybear was in the passengers seat. The genius in the GTI in front of me starts to go, realizes he can't, then starts to back up. He keeps backing up. I honk. He stops. Then he backs into me. Great.

We pull over to the side, call the police, and wait for the staties to show up. This way I have a police report so I am officially not at fault. Turns out the guy (who sorta looks like a young Woodie Allen) is a doctoral candidate in English at Delaware. I'm sure he can diagram a mean sentence but he can't drive a car.

He was quiet, nervous, and apologetic. I was nice and felt sorry for him. I duct-taped his damaged license plate into his rear window for him and called my mom so she knew we would be late. That makes three love taps in the last year. At least this one was the front bumper to keep it interesting.

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