Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I've had a vague dis-satisfaction with how I've been spending my money lately.

I'm not going into debt or anything. I've never been one for doing that. I pay my credit card off at the end of every month. I've accelerated my car payments so that lump of debt is shrinking quickly as well. I have a retirement account at work to save for the future while I'm young and my money can work for me best.

I just feel like I have been spending on things I don't need. I buy my lunch at work instead of bringing it. I look through catalogs of crap. I hit gun shops looking for a good deal. A good deal on what? On something I don't need?

I think I need to scale back my spending ambitions, put myself on a better budget, and above all start saving. I want to have a healthy house downpayment saved up for after Amybear and I are married. That has to start now.

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