Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Israel the Schmuck

Kim du Toit takes aim at Israeli protesters in one of his daily rants yesterday. The response to this from many has been "but Israel is our steadfast and true friend". In a word, no.

Israel is the guy that always seemed to be around in High School. Maybe you hung out together because you happen to like the same music and he's the son of a friend of your mom. You don't tell him anything important because you know he will spill it to anybody who'll give him the time of day. If he manages to finagle his way into your house, you'll find him going through your stuff looking for things to borrow and not return. If you give him a ride somewhere, the only time he pays for gas is with cash he bummed off you the week before. God help you if he gets into a fight, because he won't be checking to see who he's swinging at. Half the time he is just using you and God knows he's never going to stick his neck out for you in the slightest. In short, Israel is a jerk who just happens to share some common interests.

Now keep in mind I am talking about the nation-state of Israel here. I do not mean Jews in general. I'm marrying a Jew. We're going to have little Jews together some day. I like Jews, they're good people. They're even better when food is involved... mmmm kugel.

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