Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Soldiers and Comics

Evidently, Marvel is sending comics to the troops. The comic is an Avengers/Fantastic Four title and the 1 million book print run will be distributed to the troops for free. Now word about whether this means the Pentagon is paying or Marvel is donating them.

This is part of the "America Supports You" campaign run by the Department of Defense and the comics were the result of lots of soldiers requesting them. I have to wonder whether they were requesting Avengers or whether they would prefer other Marvel titles like X-Men. I guess you take what you can get for free in a war zone.

Its actually a pretty good deal for Marvel too. Coke was the dominate soft drink for a generation after WWII. Why? Because the military teamed up with Coke to build bottling plants and get Coke to the troops during the war. This built a mammoth brand loyalty among the returning vets that lasted until their kids started buying Pepsi in the late 1960s.

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