Thursday, March 09, 2006

Abortion Politics

Dale Franks is discussing a novel aspect of abortion:
As the law stands now, there is an absolute inequity in the way men and women are treated. Currently, the woman is the sole person who can choose to exercise the option of abortion. As a result, the man's financial entailment for child support rests entirely upon the decision the woman makes.
The woman decides whether or not to abort. But as a result of that decision, the future father (who has no substantive input after conception) may incur large financial responsibilities.

Now I'm pro-life, so we know what my solution to this problem is: Both of you should have kept your pants on. But this whole thing makes for a great demonstration of how far our legal system and government lags behind addressing important concerns. This has almost certainly been a problem since after Roe v. Wade, yet it is still unresolved over thirty years later.

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