Friday, March 31, 2006

Armscor Revolvers

I own a Rock Island Armory 1911. It is a government model .45 automatic and doesn't have any problems that aren't characteristic of all such pistols (the spur hammer tends to pinch). The RIA is actually an Armscor product manufactured in the Philippines. They make several models of 1911, but the GI models are marketed as Rock Island's here in the us.

What I didn't realize is that Armscor also makes .38 special revolvers. Their 200 series revolvers are very modestly priced (~$150-200) firearms. If you are a gunny you can tell that these are base on a colt design, specifically the diamondback. The diamondback is a good gun, although limited to only .38+P pressures instead of the more common .357s found today. But Colt doesn't make it anymore. In fact they discontinued all their revolver lines. So if I run across one of these guns I may have to pick it up.

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