Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pickups with No Pick-up

Today is my second day with the Colorado. My mazda's part should come in sometime today and I'll be back in my little Protege.

The truck has grown on me some. Or more precisely it has shrunk as I've gotten used to the size. I still have no intention of buying one. Even with the "big" 3500 engine, the truck is just dog slow. Chevy needs to drop a small block into it or perhaps turbocharge something. The smaller 2800 must be a double dog. I'm sure the 3500 is an improvement, but it isn't enough.

That said I got home yesterday with an urge to haul something in it. I had a pickup truck and an apartment full of stuff that needed to be hauled to Amy's new place. Then the wind bit into me once I got out of the truck. I decided to be lazy and snuggle with my honey instead. I stand by that decision. Especially since I can see Amy's apartment from mine and have already carried furniture between the two on my back.

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