Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Final Four

I'm with Paul.
The truth is, I know nothing about College Basketball. It's why my friends always like me being in their pools. I provide comic relief, either of the "How could you make that pick?" variety, or the "How is this moron doing so well?"
To date I have taken part in one Final Four pool. It was in high school with some guys from my bible study. I won by, among other things, picking 3 of the final four. My study mates were astounded.

I'd say it was by dumb luck, but I did actually have a method to my madness. Unlike the rest of my christian brothers who actually knew something about NCAA college ball, I only had the team rankings and win-loss records which were listed on the bracket. I went with the best record unless the rankings made them a big underdog.

That year it worked, but this year it wouldn't have. I guess it's good that I quit when I was ahead.

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