Monday, March 13, 2006

The Great Equalizer

Or as the rest of us refer to them: stoplights. One of my coworkers lives down the street from me. We talked about carpooling once, but I think we both enjoy the driving a bit too much. Or it may be that I drive like someone from Delaware and he drives like someone from New Jersey or Massachusetts. He rocketed past me on Elkton Rd this morning. I didn't him again until the first stoplight after we both got off the highway. All his speed got him two whole car lengths.

Once we were off the highway it was stoplight to stoplight. He'd race ahead and I'd catch up on the red. The funny thing is that we pulled into the parking lot together and I was out of my car first. I actually got to work ahead of him.

Anyway time to get to work. Or at least some catchup blogging.

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