Wednesday, March 29, 2006


You know I was willing to be reasonable. Yes illegal immigrants are criminals, but many are just good people who really just want honest work. And the US legal immigration system sucks. I know. I went to grad school and heard it from all the other grad students who came from out of town. I know students who had to take Canadian and French vacations so they could leave the country and work visa stuff out. I know. So I was willing to at least consider amnesty. Was.

Now? No. Not after all this kind of shit. Now I'm all for building a big damn wall and putting guys with guns on it. You want to put Mexico above the US? Fine, go back there. I'll gladly pay for your one-way tickets. Once there I suggest you try to make Mexico more like the US instead of the other way around.

UPDATE: John the Methodist has a long and insightful piece on immigration up at Locusts and Honey. He mentions passages like Exodus 22:21, "Do not mistreat an alien or oppress him, for you were aliens in Egypt." Christians are to forgive because we are forgiven. We are also to treat immigrants hospitably because our families were also immigrants. How very true that is, especially in the US.

I believe the US has the right to regulate its borders. I don't know how a country could be worth the name if it didn't have that right. But we must deal with this problem within the law and with respect for the fundamental human rights to due process that even illegal aliens possess.

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